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Winter Training Package January

Well, the package I have just returned from has done everything I needed it to. Without these test runs regularly it would be an impossible task to be 100% ready for the actual trip.

The aim of this trip was to test new gear, most importantly my Ski and boot set up as well as working extremely hard  to see where I am physical. I am please to say I felt strong, being able to push for long hours in very testing conditions.

A huge amount of the training is about routine, Eat, Sleep and Move, Eat, Sleep and Move etc. Sound easy but there is a knack to it, its all about muscle memory and doing it often.

Next step is to do it again with even more decisions made on exactly what I will be using for the trip. I hope to be at least 85% sure by the end of April. I am developing my own cooking system which I hope to be as efficient as possible, hence saving on how much fuel I must carry. An weight I can save will make the chances of success so much better.

I will now be concentrating on more fundraising and generating support, fund raising and fundraising Oh and did I mention fundraising www.gofundme.com/challengeantarctica