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New Year Fresh Challenges

So here we are, 2018 has arrived and this is the year I will hopefully set off to Antarctica. There is a lot do between now and then from training to fundraising. If you think you may be able to help with the later then get in touch baz@challengeantarctica.com

I am working closely now with 5 schools and will be continuing to do so until I return back from the expedition. This is a great part of my preparations and something I really enjoy doing. Being able to talk and share your experiences with children is fantastic and hopefully inspire inquisitive minds to greater confidence.

This is a good opportunity to thank my latest supporters, Amco Griffen, Brookvex Group, Mobile Solar Chargers, Arcturux, The Masonic Lodge, The Rotary, Michael Parsonage and Patron Capital Partners. Also a personal thank you to my Ambassadors Tim Jarvis and Ed Davis for the great work they are doing behind the scenes.

We are holding a fundraising dinner on 24th of Feb at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay, if you are interested then just get in touch with the fantastic Emily at emily.r.mpc@gmail.com who is helping with the organisation.

I’ll be blogging a lot more regularly now as my training ramps up. 17-31 Jan will be in Norway so look out for some great pictures.