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Modern Age of Antarctic Exploration

A huge amount of thanks must be given to those early explorers and pioneers in Antarctica. Their mistakes, failures and efforts over many years of putting themselves in the most extreme place on earth with very little knowledge are the reason things have moved on to the way in which we approach Antarctica today.

Exploration is not for everyone but we must encourage and support those of us that do. Where would the world be without human natures want to seek new things, new places and new experiences. That natural drive to push ourselves to new limits, to discover more and more. We would still be sat in our caves, there would be no wheel, no cars, TV’s, flight, sail, penicillin etc etc. If we don’t push we don’t learn if we don’t learn we don’t move forward. The only way to get the best out of our planet is to move forward, to understand both the good and bad.

History will tell you we have done this in spades but it’s not all good. We now know due to are a passion for development we are damaging our planet so we now need to progress, explore and learn even more in order to understand how we can fix it, perhaps with the knowledge we may not even have yet. Like our forefathers of Antarctica making mistakes to make life there easier today, we must use mistakes we have made today to educate those of the future to help put it right.

There have been many tough expeditions to Antarctica in recent times that have taught us many new things from limits of human endurance to scientific advantages. They will not all be listed on this page but it will highlight just a few of the leading lights in Modern day Antarctica that Baz has much respect for and has learnt plenty from to help him go forward into new territory.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Born: 7 March 1944 - Country of Origin: England Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet, OBE, commonly known as Ranulph "Ran" Fiennes, is an English explorer and holder of several endurance records. He is also a prolific writer and poet. Fiennes served in the British Army for eight years including a period on counter-insurgency service while attached to the Army of the...
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Borge Ousland

Born: 31 May 1962 - Country of Origin: Norway With solo expeditions to both the South and North Poles and solo crossings of both the Antarctic and the Arctic from coast to coast, Børge Ousland is established as the leading polar explorer of our time. Ousland grew up on Nesodden outside Oslo. He now lives in Oslo with his partner Hege...
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Tim Jarvis

Born: 7 May 1966 - Country of Origin: UK (Now dual nationality with Australia) Tim Jarvis AM (born May 1966) is an Environmental Explorer, adventurer, author and documentary filmmaker, with Masters qualifications in environmental science and environmental law. His environmental work is mainly focused on sustainable aid provision in developing countries and improving corporate environmental sustainability, as well as 'significant project'...
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Ben Saunders

Born: 5 August 1977 - Country of Origin: England Benjamin "Ben" John Saunders is an English polar explorer, endurance athlete, and motivational speaker. He is best known for leading the first ever return journey to the South Pole on foot via Shackleton and Scott's route in 2013–14, for skiing solo to the North Pole in 2004, and for blogging live from...
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Lou Rudd

Born: 20 February 1969 - Country of Origin: England A quest for adventure led Lou to join the Forces at the age of 16 where he has served a full career. He is currently serving with the Army Reserves and has completed many tours in extreme cold weather environments, some inside the Arctic Circle. He is a qualified military ski instructor...
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Hannah McKeand

Born: 22 June 1973 - Country of Origin: England Hannah is an English polar explorer. In 2006 she set the record for the fastest journey (man or woman) to the South Pole a 600-nautical-mile (1,100 km) journey she completed solo and in just 39 days, 9 hours and 33 minutes. The record was broken in 2008 by Todd Carmichael of Spokane, Washington, United...
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Rune Gjeldnes

Born: 20 May 1971 - Country of Origin: Norway Polar explorer and ex-Navy Seal; Rune Gjeldnes is the only person in the world who has crossed both the North Pole and the South Pole, unsupported on ski.  2006 he crossed Antarctica alone and without re-supplies. It was the longest ski trip ever, counting 4804 km in 90 days. In 2000, together with Torry Larsen,...
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Felicity Ann Dawn Aston

Born: 1977 - Country of Origin: England Felicity MBE is an English explorer and former climate scientist. Originally from Birchington-on-Sea, Kent, Aston was educated University College London (BSc.) and Reading University (MSc. in Applied Meteorology).[2] Between 2000 and 2003 Felicity Aston was the senior meteorologist at Rothera Research Station located on Adelaide Island off the Antarctic Peninsula operated by the British Antarctic...
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