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Mitesh Badiani

Mitesh is a prominent South West businessman and nationally respected dental practitioner with over 20 years of experience. He has been the clinical lead of both Devon Dental Centre of Excellence and the ‘sister’ practice in Plymouth. He was awarded National Dentist of the Year in 2015.

His vision was to create a patient journey which represents a high standard of care and service from the first time the patient walks into the practice right through to the treatment received in surgery and post-treatment communication.  This high level of patient care has been created at the Devon Dental Centre of Excellence. Mitesh is proud of the team which has followed his ethos of putting the patient first.  He is also proud that he has assembled a team of highly experienced specialists which enables patients to be treated ‘in-house’ rather than be referred to either Bristol or London. 

Devon Dental Centre of Excellence has become increasingly successful at providing a variety of post-graduate courses. Mitesh’s vision is that it continues to develop over the next few years and, in conjunction with Professor St John Crean, becomes an internationally recognised post-graduate learning institution.

Mitesh loves to get involved with supporting charities and has also been active in supporting overseas communities.  He set up SmileStar, a registered UK charity (1137033), with the aim of providing free, quality dental care to disadvantaged communities in poor regions of Africa and India. Already, the charity has been able to improve the dental health of hundreds of people across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and India. A charity hospital has been set up in Gujarat in North West India which treats general patients as well as dental treatment and services also extend to eye surgery.

Closer to home, SmileStar has joined forces with The C Group (registered charity 1134205), a Royal Marine charity, in 2009 to provide ex-Royal Marines with free dental care.  Throughout the UK, many Royal Marines who have had to retire due to injury are supported by SmileStar during their resettlement period between serving the country and civilian living.  In 2014 Mitesh was awarded The C Group Lifetime Achievement Award for his dental project where all medically discharged Royal Marines receive free private dental care for the rest of their lives. Currently there are over 250 marines dotted around the UK who receive this care.

Jason Wilcock

Born in Blackburn, UK, J started his career in 1987 as a Royal Marine Commando. Based with 42 Commando he trained in Arctic Warfare in northern Norway. He also completed operations in Northern Ireland which in preparation he completed his first photography course. After the Royal Marines J decided to travel the world leaving for Canada in 94’. He spent a winter in the Canadian Arctic working with the local Inuits on the Western Arctic Leadership Programme. He then headed south and became a White Water Rafting Guide on the mighty Ottawa River.

His love for the river took him to the Himalayas, leading expeditions down some of the wildest rivers in the world. In the late 90’s after traveling all around Asia and Australia he returned home and completed his Bachelor’s degree. During this time, J’s passion for photography took hold and Jason Howard Photography was born. Although J’s work is diverse; from his Landscapes which enable you to enjoy his journeys, to wedding, portraits, celebrity and corporate events. However, it’s his love of capturing people that brings out J’s real flare. With his relaxed, natural and unobtrusive style, along with a personal and individual approach, you’re left simply with stunning photography that will tell the story.

When he’s not in his studio or photographing people you’ll find him with his family and friends up a mountain, on a river, by a campfire with his camera by his side.