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The Mission

To successfully cross Antarctica, coast to coast, from McMurdo Sound to Berkner Island. This will be done solo, without any support whatsoever such as the use of dogs, kites and resupply.

In the Antarctic Summer of 2018 one man will be attempting what some believe to be impossible. It will be a journey that has never been completed and sits firmly at the edge of human endurance. Baz Gray has a passion for extreme cold weather environments and loves nothing more than to be immersed in amongst nature’s harshest conditions.

“It is here you come alive, survival instinct kicks in and the feeling is indescribable”

For 25 years Baz Gray has been living, learning, teaching and surviving in some of the most remote places on the planet. Now he will put himself to his ultimate test. Former Royal Marine Commando Baz will be attempting the solo, unsupported and unassisted crossing of the Antarctic continent from coast to coast. A journey of 1800 miles in a window of only 100 days.  But it’s not just about him, it’s a journey of youth education and environmental understanding for our future. Come on board, get involved and support the journey!