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Formal training begins


As of 1st September 2017 Baz has officially begun his formal physical training for this epic challenge of a lifetime. Baz started the training by running the entire North section of the SW Coast path from Minehead to Lands End which was 265 miles. He covered the distance in 5 1/2 days.

Why is this sort of training useful and in Baz’s view crucial:

“its all about long tough days that go on hour after hour. Dealing with hardships and the mental strain of getting up every day when your body is advising against it. Its also about understanding your body, what shape it is in and where the line is today to help you build for the future”

Although very experienced at this, the body and mind will relax and become weak if it is not prepared constantly and consistently before a major expedition. The period was vital and has got Baz right back into the swing of things from which he will now build on.

Training will now focus on plenty of gym work, strength training in preparation for pulling that huge sled every day for many miles and getting out into the environment, living in extreme conditions whilst at the same time testing his equipment and ensuring he has made the correct decisions.

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