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The first ever Solo Unsupported and Unassisted crossing of Antarctica 2019-2020






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The Mission

This epic undertaking will be taken on over two Antarctic summer seasons. In season one, 2018 - 2019 I will ski, Solo, Unsupported and Unassisted from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. This will be a great run out and test for a much longer journey the following year. I aim only to complete the 715 mile journey as quickly as possible. This will give me and the logistics teams as well as sponsors and donators more confidence in me and the bigger journey. On successful completion of journey one I will then prepare and attempt: "To successfully cross the Entire Antarctic Continent starting from the North side of Berkner Island on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole and then continuing to the Ross Ice Shelf via the Shackleton Glacier and onto the edge of the ice. This will be done Solo and without any support including the use of kites and resupply" This will start in November 2019 and be complete by the end of January 2020

The Records I'll Be Attempting Along The Way

Baz The Explorer

“The unsupported crossing of Antarctica is the greatest land-based challenge left in the world today - a journey at the edge of human endurance and one that has denied generations of polar explorers and adventurers. Until now. If there is anyone who can do it Baz Gray can – Royal Marine RSM, cold weather survival expert and one of the toughest in the business.

As Baz would say “It’s now or never. Let’s make it now”

Tim Jarvis, Environmental Explorer, Author, Filmmaker

Patrons and Ambassadors

Alexandra Shackleton


Tim Jarvis


Lieutenant General Ed Davis - CB CBE KStJ


Donate and Support

Challenge Antarctica is looking for your help

Elite, edge of endurance expeditions are difficult to fund, with any movement and support in Antarctica being logistically very expensive.
It is very easy to get involved and we are delighted with both large and small sponsors alike. In fact, anyone can get in touch to support at many levels.

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Press Releases

Baz set’s the expedition date

Baz is leaving the UK on 15th October 2018 to embark on the expedition of a lifetime.

Once in South America, he will first meet with the logistics team and double check all aspects of the expedition plan as well as complete final preparations for travelling on to Antarctica.

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